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So, you need more information about a dissertation digital reference service. Fine, we are ready to explain you what it is, but first there is one important thing you need to know.

A dissertation digital reference service is not the exact name of the service you are looking for. It is simply called a digital reference service – a specific service provided by libraries. So, let us talk about it.

What is it?

We have already mentioned that digital reference services are provided by libraries. In a few words, you can get information about necessary books, some other useful sources of information needed to prepare your project, and ask a librarian all questions by means of the Internet.

Today, you do not have to go to the library or waste your precious time when the library is closed. With the help of the Internet, your home computer, and dissertation digital reference services you may solve all problems.

Types of resources provided by digital reference services

You can get the following resources from a digital references service:

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E-mail reference services

It is a very convenient type of digital reference services. What you should do is visit a library’s Reference Desk page, find “Ask a Librarian” button, and pose your question. A librarian will send an answer to your e-mail within 24-48 hours.

Drawbacks of digital reference services

Although dissertation digital reference services are really convenient and easy to use, there are several flaws of this kind of service. Particularly, you do not have eye-to-eye contact with a librarian, which is important for some people. Another drawback is that you cannot get an answer immediately if you use e-mail reference services.

Yet, all in all, using this service is one more way to make the processes of easier.

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