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I am XXXXXX, a special educator in XXXXX. I am also a current instructional technology doctoral student at XXXXX. I am pulling my hair out because I am “trying to save the world” while trying to determine a dissertation topic. I read your dilemma (of being confused on your topic) while I was conducting research on various published dissertations. I am interested in learning and researching the impact of virtual education on behavior and achievement or at risk students experiences in virtual school. I am just one confused student. What advice could you provide?

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The first thing to remember is that YOU own your copyright; unlike most scholarly publishers, ProQuest/UMI does NOT acquire copyright when we publish your dissertation or thesis. You are free to re-publish your work in whole or in part, with whomever you choose without asking our permission.

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After passing the oral examination, you must make the authorized version of your dissertation available to the scholarly public. To do so, you can publish your dissertation electronically on mediaTUM, the TUM's media server. Therefore please submit six paper copies at the TUM Examination Office and upload an electronic version to the mediaTUM.

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