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Towards the beginning of the story, Atticus tells the children at the dinner table that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird because they don't do anything to anyone except sing and make a nice sound. Not very far after he says this, we realize that Boo Radley could be depicted as a mockingbird. Despite what the children think of him, he does not associate let alone harm or upset anyone in any way. If he does anything throughout the whole story, it is try to help the children when they are in need . When Ms. Maudie's house burnt down, Boo was there to wrap Scout with a blanket. When Jem's pants got caught in the fence, Boo was there to fold them and sew them up from him. Even when the children were almost harmed by Mr. Ewell, Boo resorted to the extreme action of killing him! If anything resembles a selfless mockingbird, it is Boo Radley and his infamous yet humble ways of saving the day. Just like in chapter 31, Scout opens by intricately explaining how Boo carried himself in a unassuming and shy manner when walking in their house. "Every move he made...

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